Whether you meant to or not you have stumbled upon the digital depository for my music (or you might call this a ‘suppository’ after you take a listen). As I have a goodly amount of tunes, have mined the concept for their inclusion across many musical projects (I’d call them albums, but you say potato, and I say…albums) to a dull fevered edge through decades of suffering, waiting to get all the songs done for each project could take me clear into my late 70’s. So I thought why not just fill in where I can get done what I am able when I’m able, and at least enjoy a false sense of completion (who better to delude them ourselves, right?)

Click on the various portals below to be taken to my specific musical projects/bands and the songs credited to each specific albums (I’d call them ‘albums,’ but you say potato and I say…) All the music here is written, played, and co-produced by me (yes, an ego is a terrible thing to waste), unless otherwise indicated. Gregg Spiegel, playing drums and percussion, and Jill Spiegel, singing female vocals (makes sense that, a woman singing female vocals), are 2/3rds of the trio of the original children’s musical outfit CAROUSEL. Both are featured elsewhere on various songs (don’t worry, I’m a stickler for crediting everyone). Jon Barker, playing bass guitar, and Gregg again (and guess who on the rest of the instruments and vocals?) are the trio, THE END. Susan Gaide lends handclaps on “Mongo’s Theme,” John Scarpulla plays sax on “Separate,” Carl Helder plays piano on “I Once Was A Boy,” and like Gregg and Jill, Mark Gaide, plays drums and percussion on a goodly amount of what follows and again, I credit him on the specific songs he appears on. Mark is also the genius behind the recording, mixing and mastering this stuff.  Equally as important, he co-produced all the songs here with me as he will continue to do until he no longer can stomach the sheer moral rot my songs have brought him, him and Sue leaving me at a Panera Bread, me unsuspectingly munching a ‘muffie.’ Please seek out more of Mark’s work here.

If you are of a mind to reach out, you will find a way to do so at the bottom of this page. Check back often if you can stomach it after your first salvo across the bow, I will be updating as regularly as I can. Thanks for listening and all my best to you.

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